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How we started

Hi new friend! We're Deena & Abbie, the dynamic duo behind Belong Lifestyle.

Deena is the organizational creative brains behind our mission. She sleuths the world for clothes that fit your body and your life and keeps the whole ship sailing.​

Abbie brings the words and the ideas that Deena shapes into being. She's the pocket cheerleader you need in your closet to help you create the wardrobe you want.

We're both former French Immersion high school teachers who've always shared a passion for style, fun, and travel. We didn't mean to start a clothing company. We meant to create a community for women right here in Saskatchewan where we can grow together. Clothes are our medium. When you visit us in store or in our online shop, we want you to know you're safe, you're seen, you're heard, and you can relax just like you're hanging out in a friend's closet... because you are.

We believe that you can and should feel amazing in your skin today, right at your age and stage. We know that the way you express yourself through your clothing impacts the rest of your life. When you feel good in your skin, you free up space for your passions, your purpose, and your people. 

Our team of amazing local gals is here for you. Come on along. There's always room at the table for you. 

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